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Julia Jadkowski 

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method® Member of the International Association IAGMP

Julia Jadkowski, Grinberg Method Berlin

T h e   G r i n b e r g   M e t h o d   –   w h a t   i s   t h a t ?


The Grinberg Method is a structured way to learn through your body. It teaches how to be attentive with your whole body instead of only with your mind and to experience situations directly – without interpreting, explaining or analysing them. The method supports your body in optimising its self-healing powers and unfolding its full potential.


The Grinberg Method gives you tools which help you to stop perceiving fear, pain and unwanted feelings as enemies, but to use them. We have often learned to avoid those feelings, to ignore them or we are simply overwhelmed by them. This behaviour leads to stress, physical symptoms and limits us because we are afraid of being hurt, failing or being rejected. With the Grinberg Method you can learn to use these uncomfortable feelings in an enhancing way – to let fear flow in your body instead of being paralysed by it, allowing pain in order to let it go or by transforming anger into determination and clarity.

D i s c l a i m e r


The Grinberg Method is a methodology of attention, which teaches through expanding and focusing body attention.


It does not claim to heal, to be an alternative medicine, a massage therapy, or to be considered among the helping professions. It is not intended for persons suffering from conditions considered life-threatening, or for those with conditions or serious illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention. Moreover, it is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of required treatment. The method has no ideological or mystical basis and does not demand any particular lifestyle.

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