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Julia Jadkowski 

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method® Member of the International Association IAGMP

Julia Jadkowski, Grinberg Method Berlin

L e a r n i n g   p r o c e s s ,  r e c o v e r y   p r o c e s s   -   w h a t   i s   i t ?


In a learning process it's about personal development, the aim of a recovery process is to learn reducing suffering of a physical symptom.


Learning Process

In the first session we describe an aim. What do you want to change, achieve or learn? We describe how your present behavioural, thinking or emotional patterns prevent you from achieving that target. By touching you I show you how you hold those patterns in your body, for example through tensed muscles or the way you breathe. You notice how you lose energy by letting these patterns direct your attention and that this hinders changes. 


In the following process of bodywork, you learn how to create changes in your body. For example how to let go of tension, to breathe more freely, to feel more sensations in certain areas of your body or to become quieter in your mind. As a continuation you learn how to become aware of and stop more complex patterns of moods, emotions and thoughts.


Attention and energy that was formerly invested in patterns is immediately free for new experiences and for your individual qualities, like will & determination, clarity, strength & power, sensibility & softness, lightness & pleasure.


The whole learning process is orientated on your personal aim and is completed when you have achieved your target to your full satisfaction.


Recovery Process

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