Julia Jadkowski 

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method® Member of the International Association IAGMP

L e a r n i n g   w i th   t h e   b o d y


As a practitioner of the Grinberg Method I teach people to be attentive to their whole body and thereby to create effective changes in their life.

We have an infinite potential to learn and make new experiences, but we often repeat certain patterns. The Grinberg Method shows us how to stop repetitive behaviour and make new experiences.

If you simply want a healthier, more exciting and fulfilling life or if you have a specific aim – you are welcome to get to know my work. 


Example of aims of a learning process can be:

- to gain more confidence in relationships, in work-life or in general

- to learn a new approach to deal with chronic or acute pain

- to recover from an operation, an accident or an injury

- to be uninhibited of fears and insecurities

- to find it easier to take clear decisions

- to invest in one aim and follow it through with willpower and not too much effort

- to improve your ability to concentrate and to be creative

- to digest a separation or loss