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Julia Jadkowski 

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method® Member of the International Association IAGMP

C l i e n t s '   S t a t e m e n t s


"I went to Julia because I finally wanted to get rid of my continuous back pain. I was initially surprised that she also „pressed“ on other parts of my body, until I got involved in the process – and since then I’ve been gradually changing some basic things. What started as a physical learning process, developed to a deeper work with my pain, my fears and my suppressed anger and to processing my childhood experiences. I felt taken seriously and could surrender more and more to her unfamiliar methods. Julia always had new into my situations and problems.

Today I feel more confident, make decisions more consciously and am more loyal to what I have decided. If I’m unsure I can deal with it better. If I don’t feel well or get back pain, I have tools with which I can work on it myself. Besides the sessions with Julia, I also acquired additional tools during an intensive course of the Grinberg Method. I have learned to be more responsible for myself, which makes me more independent and freer."

Student of Social Sciences, 23


"Working with Julia has changed my life in countless ways for the better. Where other methods have failed, learning the very simple and yet incredibly deep process of staying with and breathing through pain, which the Grinberg Method teaches, is the most effective and immediate path to a healthy life I've come across. And Julia is a sensitive, talented, trustworthy, challenging, capable, open and honest practitioner, I feel truly blessed to have her as my guide along this leg of my journey."

Works in Child Eucation & Artist, 41


"It was interessting to experience how the Grinberg Method, the kind of touch, the clear instructions how to breathe, the relevant questions of Julia made me learn right from the beginning. After every session there was a kind of task what to do physically in certain situations in my life. And again and again it was a big help to go through difficult situation with my child as a single mother."

Social Education Worker, 26


"I spent 12 years in a relationship with emotional violence; a therapy helped me to end the relationship, but my insecurity stayed. With the aim to become more confident I went to Julia, practitioner of the Grinberg Method in Berlin.

The intense physical experience of the first sessions was surprising, when my thoughts stopped. Through being aware of my body I learned my pattern of creating pressure in situations of fear. The resulting tension led to back pain and asthma. I tried to hide my insecurities with hasty movements of my arms and legs. Repeated awareness of these inhibitions in my body enabled me to free myself from my thoughts and to be aware of my body and my own needs.

Today I’m more confident and have more courage. I’ve stopped the asthma medication and have overcome my fears of exams. I’ve come to terms with the consequences of the emotional abuse in my ex-relationship and I have fallen in love again. I’ve found a way to have feelings without feeling overwhelmed by them."

Marketing Manager, 37


"I came to the Grinberg Method because of a sense of numbness in my right knee after an operation and because a feeling of inner restlessness. I needed to be moving continuously and many thoughts were racing through my mind at the same time.

Right from the first session I realized that my thoughts create physical reactions and that my fears, concerns and my restlessness is stored in my body as a pattern. Julia gave me new insights through her direct and empathetic questions. By letting go, breathing and being consciously aware of how my body reacts in stressful situations (for example how I ignored awkward situations through smiling), I learned to notice my body more quickly and to react to its signs. I became able to change my way of thinking and to reduce the “volume “of my thoughts. This helped me to take the first steps to overcome addressing awkward situations with my insecure smile, to address them directly and to begin not to be so restless."

'Ergotherpeutin', 26


"The magic touch of your hands and your way of guiding my breath set off a deep processes which I now follow with other methods but which I wouldn’t want to miss – thanks a lot!!!"

Violin maker, 49 (after one session)


The role of breathing in activating the self-healing powers has been clear to me since my acute loss of hearing a few years ago – breath therapy was the only thing that helped me then. But sometimes you get taught the same lesson a second time.

Julia showed me in her professional and empathetic way a wonderful technique based on the Grinberg Method to reduce my severe pain and the constant irritations in my belly. Working with her was a real eye-opener as regards insights into my feelings and I often left my sessions with her feeling as light as air, as if there was a gap between my feet and the ground. Conscious breathing really helps me not to lose my nerves in a stressful life. And it feels so good not to be fighting against my body. Thank you, Julia – and if I need your magical hands again, I hope you’ll always have time for me.

Detective Superintendent, 43

Julia Jadkowski, Grinberg Method Berlin

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